Make the most of Guernsey

A comprehensive guide to twenty-nine glorious beaches. Available now in local book shops.

The Book

A love letter to Guernsey’s coastline.

The Guernsey Beach Guide is the best way to get to know the island. It’ll help you decide what to do in Guernsey in both summer and winter, and also take you all around the coast, introducing you to little hidden gems you might not otherwise see. Some of the best beaches in Guernsey lie off the beaten track.

As well as a comprehensive guide to the beaches, the book covers all the best things to do in Guernsey. There are tips on the top places for activities like walking and surfing and eating, and little nuggets of local history scattered through the pages.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the island or you come every year, the Guernsey Beach Guide is all you need to make the most of your Guernsey holiday.

  • 'Every home in Guernsey should have one!'

    30 Bays in 30 Days
  • 'Meticulous - an essential guide book'

    Guernsey Press
  • 'Great photos and a great read'

    Alena, a reader
  • 'A fantastic book, even for locals'

    Michaela, a reader
  • 'Great resource for locals and visitors alike'

    Trish, a reader

Our Story

Could we swim at all of Guernsey’s beaches in one day?

That’s the question that started this whole thing.

Growing up in the island we’d played bat and ball on every scrap of sand, sprung from every rock jump and bathed in every shallow.
But we’d never done it all in one day.
It took more than 12 hours, several pairs of board shorts and a few car bootfuls of wet towels, but we did it.

Afterwards one of us (it’s hotly disputed which one) suggested we write it all down. What sets each beach apart? Which beaches are best at low tide, and which ones at high? What’s so great about the south coast?

So we did. The result is the Guernsey Beach Guide.

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